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"The more we are in touch with ourselves, the more we feel our innate desire to know and to be who we really are. We want the freedom to live as we are supposed to live, to fulfill all our potential. When we don’t, we suffer — but that suffering is simply a hunger for our true selves to live, to be free; it is a signal that we want to return to our true nature….”   (A.H. Almaas, Diamond Heart, Book One)

The Diamond Approach to inner realization is a contemporary spiritual teaching that considers the whole person.  It is a path of self realization in which each individual learns to experience his/her true nature through a precise process of inquiry into one’s own personal process and experience.  It employs various methods that enable one to experience the transcendent quality of presence and many other facets of true being, including techniques of meditation, open-ended inquiry into personal experience, sensing exercises and group work.  These methods are oriented to reconnect us with our original essential self; they utilize basic understandings of modern depth psychology as well as understandings derived from teachings from more ancient traditions.  The student learns to investigate their immediate experience with openness, heart-felt sincerity, and integrity which promotes an ongoing unfoldment of one’s true being and allows our souls to unfold and to embody states of being like love, strength, will, pleasure, peace, contentment, passion, compassion and joy..  Thus, one may attain spiritual realization as well as liberation from limiting psychological patterns in order to allow full functioning as a mature, developed human being in the world.

We have been fortunate to work with Deane Shank, a teacher in the Diamond Approach from Boulder, CO. who has been willing to travel to Phoenix and Prescott to hold weekend workshops. Deane is a senior teacher of the Ridhwan Foundation and has been a student of A. H. Almaas for over 20 years. We find the work and Deane exceptional.

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We work with the aspects of our true nature which includes the qualities of aliveness, vitality, courage, strength, expansion and a sense of capacity – basic qualities needed in our personal spiritual growth. By inquiring into your barriers against experiencing each of these qualities, and through specific meditations, the Diamond Heart workshops help to bring them into your life.


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