Mira Barbara Rossman 

From Mira Barbara…

February 19, 2012

On the evening of November 23, 2011, I was involved in an auto accident that was a deepening of what is known as the Dark Night’s Soul Journey.  I suffered 3 pelvic fractures and initially that appeared to be the most serious.  After 4 days in the hospital and 10 days in a rehab facility, I returned home for two and one-half days, just to return for an 8 day re-hospitalization for abdominal pain, which culminated in the laporoscopic removal of my gall bladder.  This was just the physical side of this journey; the emotional and mental side required more courage and trust than had ever been demanded of me before.  I experienced a core fear of being all alone, which was never borne out of reality, but real nevertheless. I experienced dreads and fears of all sorts, also not borne out of reality.  I looked into my eyes in the early stages of healing and was appalled to find a life-lessness there.  Where was “I”?  Where did “I” go?  Each day brought new challenges and obstacles to healing, and often, I felt as if this daily dire sense of life was to be this way forever.  What made it possible to continue through this particular hellish darkness was the continued presence of friends and family.  Without their encouragement and sustained attendance, I daresay I might still be deep within the Pit.  There are truly too many to list here individually; those who played important and unique roles as I moved through the many obstacles.  I thank them all and pray for daily blessings for them and for those that they love.

It is now February 19, 2012, and I am once more aware of the Healing Presence as it seeks its original intent within me.  I can look in the mirror, and see the Life Force once more, as it is nurtured and nourished back into the manifested reality of one who is called Mira.  I kiddingly call myself a lay-about, jesting to reduce some of the awesome feeling of a Being State.  And I am learning to pay attention to the ripples of livingness that goes on around me.  I still don’t know how the gifts of this journey will manifest, but I trust that they will.

From Mira Barbara
February 18, 2010

On February 18 of 2010, I went into meditation for the day and almost immediately had a strong awareness that “said”, “You are a mirror for others and they are a mirror for you”.  I thought to myself, I know the truth of that, and then in my mind’s eye, I saw in bold letters, MIRA.  I remember feeling how beautiful the feel and sound of that name and wondered what it meant.

After meditation, I looked up Mira on Google and found that Mira A and Mira B are companion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Mira A is a variable light star that is moving rapidly through the cosmos; so much so that she sheds planetary material from her which coalesces behind her into small planets, sort of a Johnny Appleseed effect.  Mira B travels along with her without so much of the energy exerted through the travels of Mira A.  Mira also means to look or see in Spanish.

Five days later, I found myself at the Highlands Ranch in Grass Valley, CA for one of Brugh Joy’s final public memorials.  I had gone early to help with preparations.  There was a new woman who had been part of the staff at the Ranch for 5 months.  She was red-haired and a lovely warm and energetic lady.  I told her that we had not been introduced and that I was Barbara.  She told me her name was Myrrah.  I was shocked and said, “Do I have a story to tell YOU.”

I related the awareness of the meditation and the resulting search for the meaning of the name.  She smiled and said, “Several years ago, my spirit guides came to me and said, “You are a mirror for others and they are a mirror for you, and your name shall be M-Y-R-R-A-H.  They were very definite about the spelling.  And I’ve been Myrrah ever since.”

I got so excited…”We have the same spirit guides!!”  And…I have been growing into the name ever since.  Since that time, I have been using the name for spiritual and art work.

In my ever continuing research of associations to the name, I find…Mother Meera, Meara, Moighre(spelling of Celtic name is probably not correct).

 In September of 2010, I went to a workshop given by the Phoenix Friends of Jung where Marea Claassen was the leader. Part of our introduction to others was to use a washable black ink to write our name on our hand and present it when introducing ourselves.  I found myself automatically writing Mira, and realizing the connection to the spiritual work.  I realized that most of the people knew me as Barbara, and so I added Barbara underneath Mira.  That occasion has served to move me more publicly into the energies of Mira, although most of my interim signatures will be Mira/Barbara

Continuously Unfolding,  MIRA

From Barbara

February 11, 2010

William Brugh Joy, our teacher died peacefully on Dec. 23, 2009.  Kent and I were moved and invited to go to Los Angeles four days before he died. We spent three hours with him as he sat in his favorite lounge chair, swathed regally in a red velour comforter.  He looked radiant and younger, very present and clear-minded as we laughed and talked with him.

We will always remember Brugh and his teachings.  For this reason, I feel him very much a living part of me.  Since that time, we have had a Memorial gathering in the Guest House, and attended a United Joy’s Jubilation Memorial at Rex Ranch at the end of January.  There is one more large gathering Feb. 27-28 at Grass Valley, CA and we will be there too.  I have nothing but smiles for Brugh’s memory.  He would have known that all the fuss about his memorials was really about the Heart-Center and honoring his willing sacrifice to bring forth Source’s teachings.  Namaste, Dear Teacher and Friend.


From Barbara…
November 20, 2009

A series of events began at a recent workshop on the Persephone myth.  One of the participants in his introduction said, “And in the aftermath of being pulled into the Underworld as we live life, we struggle to regain our bearings.”  I heard this phrase and it penetrated like a knife through soft butter as it folded and mixed wisdom pieces deep within to create a new awareness for me.  After years of feeling that a tremendous change was coming soon, I had Life happen to me.  In its inordinate wisdom, I began the Dark Night’s Journey of the Soul accompanied by a showering of Shadow material.  Recently, a relative sense of stability has come in to ground me further, and I realized that I have surely been “struggling to regain my bearings” for quite sometime.  For me, this meant struggling to get back to what I knew myself to be…a loving, caring person who was compassionate to others, a person with enough energy to do most everything…all at the same time.  My memory has been clouded with romanticism and illusion.  During the tumultuous times, I felt myself to be only Shadow as I discovered its presence, not noticing that my psychic grove of trees had turned into the whole forest.  I expended much energy in trying to feel like that imagined person once more.

And then as the Fates graced me, I found myself perceiving the Persephone dream as a collective dream.  It went as follows: Persephone is a metaphor for the American Dream…it having lead a most abundant life since birth, innocent in many ways, and now it is being pulled down into the Underworld by Hades which appears as great disruptions in religious institutions, government, family, legal system, education, medicine, and values.

At this point, I will digress a little by telling you part of Homer’s version of this myth. It includes a piece about a family who take in the mother-goddess, Demeter, as she wanders the world despondently, looking for her daughter, Persephone.  Demeter agrees to take care of Metaneira’s son while the whole family gives her food and shelter in exchange.  Each day, the young boy advances in skills and wisdom.  Curious, Metaneira covertly watches to discover how Demeter is encouraging this growth.  She is horrified when she observes Demeter holding the young boy in a fire, and without knowing that it is Demeter’s method of imbuing the boy with immortality, Metaneira orders Demeter to stop and orders her from the house.

Before I lose you as my audience, I will say that, through looking at this piece as part of a collective dream, I realized that Metaneira is the Fundamentalist part of every person; that part of us that has a singular perception and preference for any situation, and of what has worked well in the past.  So much energy can go into activities that  “regain our bearings”, and take us back to a psychic container that served us well at one time.  We essentially use our energy to go back to “what was” instead of using energy to acknowledge “what is” and through the exploration of Now, be led to “what will be”.

I hope that the telling of these events stirs something in your unconscious that will make its way into consciousness through dreams or meditations or other forms of soul expression.


© Kent Rossman 2013